Construction begins on the New Minto Rural Health Centre

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Palmerston, ON…On April 28th dignitaries and community members gathered at Palmerston and District Hospital (PDH) to celebrate the start of construction of the Minto Rural Health Centre (MRHC) - an 11,000 square foot Medical Arts Building.


Nith Valley contracting was selected as the contractor for the MRCH which will be located on Palmerston and District Hospital’s front lawn. Construction of the building will begin immediately with an aim to have the MRHC near completion by the end of the calendar year. 


The building will house a number of key community partners in the delivery of health services to area residents. This includes Minto-Mapleton Family Health Team, Canadian Mental Health Association – Waterloo Wellington District, Waterloo Wellington Community Care Access Centre, along with Dr. Christopher Cressey. Additional community services can be added as well as additional primary care physicians.


Financing for the building has come from three sources – a debenture from the Town of Minto, Palmerston and District Hospital Foundation support and North Wellington Health Care.


Minto Ground Breaking - Mount Forest



“Ensuring we have a strong, integrated health system close to home for our rural residents is a key priority for the Waterloo Wellington LHIN.  The Minto Rural Health Centre is one of several new capital projects we have invested in Wellington County.  All these facility improvements support more coordinated care in Wellington, which will lead to a better patient experience and better health outcomes for our rural residents.”

- Bruce Lauckner, CEO, Waterloo-Wellington Health Integration Network

“The Minto Rural Health Centre will help to improve access to care for our patients and allow patients to remain in their community to receive the care they need – ultimately providing quality care, close to home. Thank you to the community for lobbying for the Minto Rural Health Centre. Your hard work will pay off for years to come. ”

- Tom Sullivan, Board Chair, North Wellington Health Care


“The Town of Minto is proud to be a partner in the Minto Rural Health Centre. This facility will help attract and retain doctors, as well as other health care professionals. We strongly believe that having quality health care is important to the growth and sustainability of our community”.

- George Bridge, Mayor, Town of Minto and Warden, Wellington County


“The PDH Foundation remains committed to projects such as the Minto Rural Health Centre and the hospital facility redevelopment which is currently underway. We are grateful to the volunteers of the Minto Rural Health Centre Committee, who with other steadfast professionals dedicated their time, skill and expertise to ensure this project came to this stage.”  

- Luanne Ward, President, Palmerston and District Hospital Foundation


“The Minto-Mapleton Family Health Team (FHT) is excited to be one of the key community partners who will be moving into the new Minto Rural Health Centre in 2016.  In addition to allowing our Minto residents with increased access to FHT programs and services, the new Centre will promote collaborative care and serve as a much needed future recruitment tool for physicians.”

- Shirley Borges, Minto-Mapleton Family Health Team


“The Minto Rural Health Centre started as a discussion in 2007 with community members and health care partners all focused on ensuring we have the best possible health care services for our local communities now, and for future generations to come. I am excited to see the construction begin today.”

- David Craig, Chair, Minto Rural Health Centre Committee


North Wellington Health Care is a regional provider of acute care health services. North Wellington Health Care delivers high quality health care services through two, fully-accredited hospital sites in Mount Forest and Palmerston.

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