October 6, 2014

North Wellington Health Care and Groves Memorial Community Hospital Receives Accreditation with Commendation

North Wellington Health Care (NWHC) and Groves Memorial Community Hospital (GMCH) are pleased to announce that they have been awarded “Accreditation with Commendation” by Accreditation Canada —an independent organization ensuring excellence in quality health services for all.

 “Accreditation with Commendation” is only awarded to organizations that go beyond the requirements of Accreditation Canada and are commended for their commitment to quality improvement.

NWHC and GMCH received the accreditation with commendation following a rigorous on-site evaluation during which the facilities met 99% of over 1,400 standards. External surveyors spent 4.5 days assessing NWHC’s and GMCH’s clinical programs, services, leadership and governance against Accreditation Canada requirements for quality and safety.

In the report Surveyors noted, “The strength of this organization is its staff.  The staff members are passionate about their role and are proud of the work they do to deliver quality care to their patients/clients. Client satisfaction scores are consistently high and clients interviewed during the onsite survey confirmed their high regard for the quality of care they receive. Several patients commented they prefer to come to NWHC and GMCH because the service is faster and friendlier than at other hospitals.  Testimony to the satisfaction of clients is the community of volunteers that outnumber the combined staff complement.”

“The dedication and hard work of our staff, leadership team, community partners, physicians and Board are admirable.” states Jerome Quenneville, NWHC and GMCH President and CEO.  “We view quality as a journey and in as such recognize our strengths and our opportunities for improvement on an ongoing basis.”

“This achievement recognizes the tremendous commitment of the staff, physicians, board and volunteers to providing quality health care and services in our rural communities.” states Tom Sullivan, NWHC Board Chair. “Congratulations to all involved in the accreditation process.”

Howard Dobson, Chair of GMCH Board is pleased with the accreditation decisions. “Accreditation Canada helps organizations pursue excellence, improve their performance, and guide their ongoing quality and safety initiatives. It is satisfying to have external reviewers recognize the accomplishments and the commitment by staff and physicians. We have every right to be proud”.

Accreditation Canada helps to ensure all Canadians have the right to safe, high-quality health services. Through standards and accreditation programs, Accreditation Canada works with health care organizations to help them improve quality, safety, and efficiency so they can offer you the best possible care and service.

North Wellington Health Care is a regional provider of primary and secondary health services. North Wellington Health Care delivers high quality health care services through fully-accredited hospital sites in Mount Forest and Palmerston.

Groves Memorial Community Hospital is a highly respected, rural, acute-care facility providing a wide range of services. A strong sense of community is part of the unique quality of service provided by hospital staff.

For more information:
Jerome A. Quenneville, President and CEO
North Wellington Health Care and Groves Memorial Community Hospital
Phone 519-827-6701